The Sample Point Vol. 3 | Issue 5


Easily Locate Sample Data Using Multiple Search Criteria
With more than 20 search criteria options available for finding sample reports, LOAMSSM gives users instant access to all of their oil analysis data, making it fast and easy to locate and manage equipment-specific information. Search by customer, worksite, unit, component – or by a combination of parameters you need to monitor on a routine basis. Save the search for a monthly review or change the parameters in just a few keystrokes to isolate specific equipment information and take decisive maintenance action.

Simplify Report Distribution in a Single Document
Once a search is complete, print reports to download up to 50 test reports into a single document that can be easily distributed to multiple people for review. Personal preferences can be set to automatically email individual reports directly to your inbox in PDF format.

For more information on managing oil analysis data using the LOAMS application, please refer to our Quick Start Guides and Training Videos in our LOAMS Resource Center.