Volume 1 – Issue 2

Volume 1 | Issue 2 
January 2014 

Happy New Year!


The features and functionality of Bureau Veritas’s Lube Oil Analysis Management System – or LOAMS – can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of an oil analysis program. Understanding how these features are organized makes system navigation and configuration easy and intuitive.


System Navigation


LOAMS features are organized according to functionality under tabs across the top of your screen.

The Home tab is an overview

of your oil analysis program at a glance. Report widgets summarize and display high priority data. Customized alerts tell you when specific components or tasks need your immediate attention.

The Samples tab contains your sample inbox where you can view and print your most recent reports immediately after testing is complete. You can also perform advanced searches, view sample details & review sample history.

The Equipment tab allows you to easily view, add, modify or delete equipment without contacting the laboratory. Graphs can be generated to monitor trends in results or compare component performance. You can also search and select equipment for printing sample jar labels.

The Labels tab eliminates extra paperwork and improves sample data accuracy by generating sample jar labels for you and pre-registering them with our laboratories. You can also view, track or modify sample information submitted online until it is received at the laboratory.

The Reports tab generates seven standard management reports that you can then schedule to be emailed automatically to other LOAMS users and non-users.
The Preferences tab saves filter, email notification, test and alarm limit criteria.
For details, view the LOAMS System Navigation Quick Start Guide.

System Configuration


LOAMS can be customized to display your information the way you prefer to view it throughout the application.

  • Select report widgets to show priority data as soon as you login to your Home page.
  • Configure your Sample Inbox under the Sample tab to display high severity samples first.
  • Set your e-mail notifications under the Preferences tab to send sample reports to your e-mail.
Quick Tip 

There are Help icons located in the upper right corner of the landing page for each tab in the LOAMS system. Click on the icon for an explanation of the LOAMS functions within that tab.


Give us Your Feedback 

Please take a moment to tell us what you think of the enhancements in LOAMS v1.2.

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