HVAC Fluid Analysis

Testing HVAC system oils and refrigerants can identify the onset of contamination, corrosion and abnormal wear that, if left unchecked, can result in costly equipment failure.

When heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are critical and high-dollar, temperature-sensitive operations are at stake, test with Bureau Veritas – the experts at providing quality testing and actionable maintenance recommendations that keep your equipment up and running. Bureau Veritas designs test packages that routinely monitor both HVAC fluids and system components to identify moisture build-up, wear particles and the harmful acids that can jeopardize system efficiency:

  • Moisture reduces chiller operating capacity and efficiency.
  • Degradation acids corrode metal components, significantly impacting performance and
    reducing overall system lifespan.
  • Wear metals eventually fall from suspension onto heat-transfer surfaces, reducing efficiency.

Bureau Veritas HVAC fluid testing and analysis services can identify the onset of HVAC fluid or component problems so you can avoid costly failures and unplanned downtime. We can help you to significantly improve component reliability, extend system life and decrease operational costs.

Why Test HVAC Fluids?

More than half of the bearing failures that occur within HVAC chiller systems are due to lubrication issues. Routine testing with Bureau Veritas gives our customers the quality data and expert recommendations for making informed maintenance decisions that:

  • Allow for scheduled maintenance and repairs based on lubricant, refrigerant and machine condition
  • Pinpoint problem areas for diagnosis to maximize scheduled maintenance activities and reduce costly repairs
  • Identify the onset of potential problems – early detection extends system life

HVAC Fluids We Test

Chiller & Gearbox Lubricant Tests
Identifying and quantifying lubricant contamination and component wear and can pinpoint problem areas and allows the data analyst to provide specifically targeted recommendations for corrective action.

Chiller Refrigerant Tests
Testing refrigerants for water, acidity and the presence of high boiling impurities protects system metals, sealants and gaskets from potentially harmful contamination.

Cooling Tower Chill Water Tests
Cooling tower or chill water must be maintained to prevent pump and chiller tube corrosion and pH levels monitored to maximize water flow and heat exchange efficiency.

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