How do I check on a sample that I sent in, but have not yet received results on?

Regardless of whether you call or e-mail the lab, there are several tips to getting a quick answer to a “status of your sample” question. First, if you’ve sampled that system before, there is a number (up to six-digits) at the top right of your last report, to the right of a heading marked “Comp Ref No.” or “Record Ref. #”.

Provide that number right away when you call or write, as it directs us straight to the appropriate sampling point. Second, if you haven’t sent a sample from that system before, be sure to tell us the name and ID exactly as it was written on the paperwork sent with the sample. If the information you provide when you call doesn’t match the information sent in with your sample, there will be an unavoidable delay while we search for your file.

Many customers use our laboratories. Consequently, the high volume of service means an equally high volume of information moving through our systems. We have to interrupt that flow and pick out the piece you’re interested in—and usually, that request comes without any warning. So when you call about a sample, please be patient if it takes a moment or two to bring up your files. Once we have them, we’ll be happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability.